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Breeding is a feature which is enabled for some pets. Those which can be bred can produce offspring of three or four varieties: Standard Alts, New Alts, Mixes, and Hybrids. Hybrids can only be obtained by breeding specific inter-species pairs.

Breeding can be used for both discovering new alts and mixes, as well as breeding rarer species and alts for sale.

Standard Alts are the alts that the pet can always be obtained in through hatching. For most pets, there are six possible outcomes.

New Alts are alts that can only be obtained through breeding. These are often flashy and colorful, or are patterns not normally seen on the species (i.e. tiger stripes on an Oncilla). These alts were colored by an artist and hard-coded into the system, so they will always appear the same when obtained. Before 2016 there were a seemingly random number of New Alts made for each species. Starting in 2016, newly introduced breeding pairs produce a standard of 10 New Alts.

Mixes are a combination of the parents' colors. Any two can produce a new mix, so there are somewhat infinite colors of Mixes. Two pets of the same color can be bred to create a mix, but they will appear the same as the parents. Mixes are generated by the site for each breeding, meaning even Mixes can be bred to produce even further mixes. Try experimenting to get a specific color or pattern combination!

Setting Up

The breeding feature can be found under Adopt → Shop & Purchase → Breeding.


In order to breed, you will first need to create a breeding center. Your breeding center will start at Level One and can be upgraded twice. Upgrading unlocks more breeding results, but it is not known exactly what each level unlocks. On July 1, 2016, the costs to establish a breeding center were reduced.

Purchase Center - Level 1 250 ZC
Upgrade to Level 2 500 ZC
Upgrade to Level 3 1000 ZC

There is an unconfirmed assumption that Level One breeding can result in only standard alts, Level Two allows for results of new colors, and Level Three allows for mixed alts and hybrids.

You may have up to three nurseries, gaining one nursery each time your level increases. Each nursery can be named.


To breed you will start by clicking on one of your nurseries. These can be found in the top-left corner of the breeding screen. By default, all nurseries will be called "Nursery," so renaming them is useful if you don't want to forget which nursery is used for!

You will then select whether you are breeding with ZP or ZC by using the provided drop-down menu. This is rather small and can be located beneath the cat picture. Proceed by clicking Choose Currency. If your selected nursery already contains a breeding pair, you will be brought to that screen instead. 

When you select the currency a new list will appear consisting of pets breedable with that currency. The list will only include breedable pets that you have, so if you do not own any of a species it will not show up in the list. Select which species you would like to breed and then click Choose Type. If you do not have one pet of each gender you will get an error message stating so. If this happens, go back to the currency selection screen.

You are then taken to a menu where all of the eligible pets of that breed are listed. Males are on the left and Females are on the right. If the pet can be bred with a different pet to make a hybrid, those pets will also be listed. Select one pet from each gender and then click the Breed button.

You will then be asked to confirm the breeding for the listed price.

After confirming the breeding it takes between 3 and 5 days for the pair to produce offspring. This is determined randomly, so be sure to check back often as once the egg(s) are ready you only have 24 hours to claim your eggs. If you do not claim them in time they are sent to the Abandoned Room. You can hunt for them every weekend or try posting in the forums and sometimes someone can rescue an egg for you. If you don't want to wait you can spend 3ZP on an elixir and your eggs will be ready within the next hour.

Breeding will produce between 1-4 random eggs. A hybrid is not guaranteed if you attempt to breed for one.

Breeding List

The following pets are breedable.

Pet Total Cost Currency
Akita Dog 1000 ZC
Alpaca 1000 ZC
American Paint Horse 500 ZC
American Pika 1000 ZC
Atlantic White Spotted Octopus 1000 ZC
Barbary Lion 2750 ZC
Berylline Hummingbird 100 ZC
Birman Cat 500 ZC
British Longhair Cat 2000 ZC
Celestial Kitsune 400 ZC
Chickament 1000 ZC
Cloud Shepherd 10 ZP
Cloaked Forest Cat 1500 ZC
Clouded Leopard 1000 ZC
Common Potoo 2000 ZC
Crested Gecko 750 ZC
Dreamspinner 3000 ZC
Eastern Pygmy Possum 1000 ZC
Elfling 1000 ZC
Emerald Tree Boa 1000 ZC
Fairy Pompom 3000 ZC
Felis Aries 2000 ZC
Ferret 1000 ZC
Firmouse 1000 ZC
Fluffdragon 400 ZC
Fortuna Dragon unknown ZP
Furfur 500 ZC
Galaxy Bear 500 ZC
Gift Grabber 1000 ZC
Grizzly Bear 600 ZC
Indian Gharial unknown ZP
Japanese Spitz unknown
Japanese Tiger unknown ZP
Labyrinth Dragon 1000 ZC
Lakotka 2500 ZC
Leopard Gecko 50 ZC
Llama 1500 ZC
Maned Wolf 2000 ZC
Medusa Lion 4000 ZC
Nebula Cat 300 ZC
Norwegian Forest Cat 1000 ZC
Norwegian Sphynx Cat 10 ZP
Oasis Dragon 1000 ZC
Oncilla 2000 ZC
Panther Chameleon 500 ZC
Pembroke Welsh Corgi 100 ZC
Pile Perch 300 ZC
Poison Dart Frog 400 ZC
Puptauros 2000 ZC
Red Kangaroo 2000 ZC
Red Panda 10 ZP
Rottweiler Dog 500 ZC
Samoyed Dog 1000 ZC
Scottish Fold Cat 2000 ZC
Serpentine Slitherhoof 500 ZC
Skincrawler 500 ZC
Snowkit 1000 ZC
Southern Flying Squirrel 1000 ZC
Speckled Flitty 600 ZC
Sphynx Cat 1500 ZC
Squossum unknown ZP
Standard Poodle Dog 1000 ZC
Tibetan Fox 1500 ZC
Tiger Flitty 6 ZP
Veiled Chameleon 100 ZC
Virginia Big-Eared Bat 1000 ZC
Witchwing 3000 ZC
Zvanaga 500 ZC

Hybrid List

The following hybrids can be obtained by breeding the associated pets. Parent animals can be bred in any combination, as long as one of each required animal is present. Total cost is calculated as the sum of both parents' breeding fees.

It is suspected that you may need a level 3 breeding center before you can get hybrid pets as a breeding result. Not all breedings will result in a hybrid.

Some hybrids are themselves breed-able, as indicated in the last column.

Hybrid Parent 1 Parent 2 Total Cost Breedable
Alpama Alpaca Llama 1250 No
Aroma Dragon Labyrinth Dragon Oasis Dragon 1000 ZC No
Blossomcluster Dragon Labyrinth Dragon Oasis Dragon 1000 ZC No
Fairy Corgipom Fairy Pompom Pembroke Welsh Corgi 1750 ZC No
Frostfur Gift Grabber Snowkit 1000 ZC No
Lacilla Oncilla Lakotka 2250 ZC No
Norwegian Sphynx Cat Norwegian Forest Cat Sphynx Cat 1250 ZC Yes
Paradise Dragon Labyrinth Dragon Oasis Dragon 1000 ZC No
Pookita Standard Poodle Dog Akita Dog unknown No
Squossum Southern Flying Squirrel Eastern Pygmy Possum unknown Yes

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