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This category lists all pets which are Morphs, or special rare alts.

In order to obtain these alts, several conditions had to be met. When the Pet Adventure was still active, Morphs could be obtained in the following manner:

  • Eggs had to appear at the start of the Sticker Book; typically the first or second position, or to the left of any Morph alts; or
  • Eggs had to hatch on a certain day that varied from pet to pet; it would shift by one day each week and was very difficult to keep track of. For example, if a Prickly Pear Fox egg hatched a Morph alt on Monday; the next week a Morph alt would hatch on Sunday; the week after it would hatch on Saturday, and so on.

It is unknown if this feature is still utilized for Morph pets still in this category.

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