Luna Lion Fish
Rarity Egg Drop
Total 2960[1]
Retired No
Creator Official
Alts 6
Stages 4

Alts / Stages

Baby Child Teen Adult
Alt 1
Alt 2
Lionfish1 alt1
Lionfish2 alt1
Lionfish3 alt1
Lionfish4 alt1
Alt 3
Lionfish1 alt2
Lionfish2 alt2
Lionfish3 alt2
Lionfish4 alt2
Alt 4
Lionfish1 alt2REE
Lionfish2 alt3
Lionfish3 alt3
Lionfish4 alt3
Alt 5
Lionfish1 alt4
Lionfish2 alt4
Lionfish3 alt4
Lionfish4 alt4
Alt 6
Lionfish1 alt5
Lionfish2 alt5
Lionfish3 alt5
Lionfish4 alt5


  1. As of 11/6/2018.

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