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The Mine is where members can mine for ZC, and find chests and exclusive pets. The mine has undergone many changes; these can be found on the Retired Features page.

To start mining, Land must first be purchased and named. The initial cost to purchase land is 400 ZC, followed by the Mining Equipment, which is required to upgrade the Mine; these costs are non-refundable. In addition, some mining equipment have a chance to break after some use when mining, and will need to be repurchased. There are also additional equipment that can be purchased, but are not essential to starting a mine.

Mining Equipment

Level 1-4 mining equipment are required to start mining; additional equipment are optional.

Item Name Cost Replacement Cost Description
Mine 07.png
Shovel 50 ZC 25 ZC Being an extremely common hand tool in gardening, agriculture, and constructions, the shovel is often used for taking up, removing, or throwing loose matter, such as earth, snow, or coal. It consists of a broad blade with edges or sides that are fixed to a medium-length handle. These blades are usually made of sheet steel or hard plastics, and the handle can be made of wood or fiberglass.
Mine 08.png
Boots 50 ZC - Protective gear is essential to safe mining, especially sturdy footwear. The amount of protection in such boots is magnified by the thick material. More modern mining boots often have a steel-toe cover to avoid damaged bones from the dangers of mining. Having the all the necessary safety equipment at all times is always important, no matter how insignificant boots may seem.

Item Name Cost Replacement Cost Description
Mine 09.png
Pickaxe 100 ZC 50 ZC Commonly known as "pickaxe" or simply "pick", the mining pick is a hand tool often used to mine metal ore or precious stones such as diamonds or rubies from rocks. The head, which may curve slightly, is a spike ending in a sharp point in one side and in a flat end on the other. This is usually made of metal, and the handle can be wood, fiberglass, or metal too.

Item Name Cost Replacement Cost Description
Mine 10.png
Dynamite 150 ZC - Stay cautious around dynamite! The bright red coloring serves as a warning: Dynamite packed with highly explosive chemicals. It is most often used for commercial purposes to clear away unwanted objects. Dynamite explosions do not burn the flammable matter in the air that is primarily found in mining areas, making it especially beneficial during mining activity.
Mine 11.png
Hardhat 150 ZC 50 ZC Hardhats, or Safety Helmets, are required to be worn if there is a risk of head injury, falling debris, impact with other objects, bad weather, and/or electric shock. Hardhats are most commonly made of rigid plastic, and come in a variety of colors. The color of a hardhat symbolizes that person's rank on the construction site. White hardhats are usually worn by upper management, engineers and architects too, while a yellow hat is worn by the general workers. Medical staff, plumbers, and electricians wear blue hardhats. Orange is reserved for people who work on road construction or pavement service contractors. Gray hardhats symbolize the head of the team or the management, and also rescue workers.

Item Name Cost Replacement Cost Description
Mine 12.png
Lantern 50 ZC - Used to illuminate broad areas, as general sources for camping, or as signals to light your path, a lantern is a portable device with a transparent case for protecting the flame or electric bulb from the wind, rain, etc. If it's used as a decoration, the lantern can be made of glass, metal, or even paper; if not, metal is more likely to be used.
Mine 13.png
Lumber 200 ZC - Timber is cut from a variety of tree species, ranging from types that are in abundance to others that are in danger of becoming extinct, which fall into the two main groupings of hardwood and softwood. It serves a variety of purposes such as building furniture, constructing houses, or even creating musical instruments.
Mine 14.png
Sluice 200 ZC 50 ZC A sluice box is a long, inclined trough or launder with riffles in the bottom that provide a lodging place for the heavy minerals, gemstones and other valuable minerals in ore concentration. Often used to uncover black sands, gold, and other minerals from 'placer deposits' during mining operations, the sluice boxes may be small-scale, as used in prospecting, or bigger, as in commercial operations where the material is first screened using a trommel.

Item Name Cost Description
Mine 15.png
Trap 100 ZC Unknown if it is still required as the attributing feature to this item has been retired.
Mine 16.png
Security 100 ZC Prevent your mine from getting claim jumped by hiring a security guard. Remember, the price is a daily price and money will be deducted from your account. If you don't have the funds in your account, the security guard will be removed; can be fired.
Mine 17.png
Hired Help 100 ZC You can hire help and get more out of your mines. Of course you will have to pay for the extra help at a cost of 100 zc per day; can be fired.
Mine 18.png
Bronze Insurance 10 ZC Claim back 10% of your energy if you get into a mining accident! Charged daily! Unknown if it is still required as the attributing feature to this item has been retired.

Fully-upgraded Mine

Mine 19.png

Once all costs have been settled, the mine is ready for use; clicking on the image of the ZC will begin the mining operation.

A fully-upgraded mine will display information such as:

  • owned items: mining equipment and additional items will be displayed;
  • mine details: mine level and total ZC production;
  • mine description: short description of each mine level;
  • mine name: click the Change Mine Name! button to change anytime, but must be a maximum length is 20 characters;
  • places to go & things to do: Klondike Klem's Mercantile and Assay Office is the Mining Shop; and
  • fire Security / Hired Help: click the Fire Security / Hired Help button to fire Security / Hired Help, and will stop deducting ZC; they may be repurchased from the Mining Shop.

Klondike Klem's Mercantile and Assay Office

Klondike Klem's Mercantile and Assay Office is the mining shop where all equipment is purchased; the introduction is as follows,

"Minin' Supplies, Claim Registry, Gems and Gold 'Valuated, Critter Feed an' Beddin, Mules Shod an' Stabled

Wal, howdy thar, pardner! Welcome to Klondike Klem's Mercantile an' Assay Office. We got everythin' you need to build an' work yore claim - my, that stretch of land o'yorn shore do look pretty an' promisin'. Iffen y'all need a l'il break, help y'self from the cracker or pickle barrel, grab y'self a mug a'cider, an' set a spell 'fore ya shop.

Mind ya pick out all the latest supplies an' equipment, now - y'all doan wanna waste all yore hard work just to find nothin' or getcher claim jumped by some gol'digger. We got anythin' ya might need - yore tools, yore timbers, yore gear...the finest stuff aroun' - top quality, an' the lowest prices this side of the Pecos. Best o'luck, y'all...happy diggin'!".


Mines can only be mined 10 times every 30 minutes or once every three minutes before tiring.

A maximum of 0-5 ZC can be earned without Hired Help, and a maximum of 0-? ZC can be earned with Hired Help.

On rare occasions, Pay Dirt, a randomly triggered event whilst mining, may be encountered; this increases the amount of ZC earned for one instance.

Chests and Keys

Chests and Keys can be found whilst mining; when a key is used to open a chest, chests may contain a large amount of ZC, CYO brushes or an Extinct pet.

However, a chest and key may not fit together, therefore, the correct chest and key must be found; this is random and spawns for chests and keys are random as well.

Only one chest and one key may be held any given time; to replace a chest or key, the option to replace or keep them will appear when another has spawned whilst mining.

Item Name Description
Mine 27.png
Chest May contain ZC, CYO brushes or Extinct Pets
Mine 28.png
Key Used to open chests

Mining Activities

Mine 29.png

The Mining Activities is where the last 100 mining activities by all members can be viewed; the mine owner, time of the activity and description of the activity will be displayed.

My Mining Activities

Mine 30.png

My Mining Activities is where members can view their last 20 mining activities; the URL is usually, '', followed by the username; the time of the activity and description of the activity will be displayed.

Ethereal Portal

The Ethereal Portal is a randomly triggered event whilst mining, where Ethereal can be obtained. These pets cannot be obtained via regular means and can only be found this way; much luck and patience is needed to obtain these.

How to Obtain an Ethereal Pet

A group of five pets will appear and the correct one must be chosen in order to obtain it. The pets that can currently[1] be found are:

Correct Ethereal Pet

Choosing the right egg will return the message, "Congratulations! You picked the right pet!" and receive the chosen egg.

Wrong Ethereal Pet

Choosing the wrong egg will return the message, "Oops! The egg you picked was empty, sorry! As you leave the portal, you hear a very large noise and notice that the mine portal has collapsed and you left just in time." and you can choose the option to go back to mining.


  1. As of 07/15/2019.

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