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Account Settings

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The Account Settings is where members can change the settings of their account.

Disable Gift A Hatch

The Disable Gift A Hatch (does not have a landing page; clicking the link will immediately toggle the Gift A Hatch option) option will disable the Gift A Hatch function; other members will no longer have the option to Gift A Hatch to a disabled Gift A Hatch member.

Gift A Hatch Debugger

The Gift A Hatch Debugger option checks the status of the Gift A Hatch function.

Change E-mail Address

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The Change E-mail Address option allows members to change their e-mail.

Change Password

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The Change Password option allows members to change their password.

Valid passwords may be up to 20 characters long and may contain letters, numbers, spaces and special character; it is recommended that you use a special character, such as * or ! to make your password more secure.

Change Settings

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The Change Settings option allows members to toggle profile settings.

Close Account

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The Close Account option allows members to the ability to close their account; this is irreversible.

Block And Manage Users

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The Block and Manage Users option allows members to block users from commenting on their profile.

Manage Notifications

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The Manage Notifications option allows members to toggle notifications settings.

Search Users

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The Search Users option functions similar to the search function in the Member List & Search; however, will not provide a list of all possible variations and will require exact spelling.

View Transactions

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The View Transactions option allows members to view the last 20 ZC, excluding daily clicks, and ZP transactions, as well as the date, currency, amount and description of each transaction; it also accounts for retired currency, such as Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Messages accesses the member's Forum inbox.


Myaccount 15.png

The Notifications will displays the last 50 notifications, as well as the time and a short description of each notificationn.

Toggling Notifications

By clicking the, The notifications bar is currently turned on/off. Click here to turn it off/on! button, the notifications bar can be toggled on/off.

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