Veiled Chameleon
Rarity Common
Total 5185[1]
Retired Yes
Creator Official
Alts 6
Stages 4

Alts / Stages

Baby Child Teen Adult
Alt 1
Alt 2
Chameleon1 alt1
Chameleon2 alt1
Chameleon3 alt1
Chameleon4 alt1
Alt 3
Chameleon1 alt2
Chameleon2 alt2
Chameleon3 alt2
Chameleon4 alt2
Alt 4
Chameleon1 alt3
Chameleon2 alt3
Chameleon3 alt3
Chameleon4 alt3
Alt 5
Chameleon1 alt4
Chameleon2 alt4
Chameleon3 alt4
Chameleon4 alt4
Alt 6
Chameleon1 alt5
Chameleon2 alt5
Chameleon3 alt5
Chameleon4 alt5


Veiled Chameleons are breedable. It costs 100 ZC to breed one pair. They can produce offspring in three varieties: the normal 6 alts, new colors, and mixed colors. Mixed colors are colors which are derived as a mix of the parents compared to new colors which are completely new varieties.

New Colors

Gb5AeQyX5d 4
EI2BsqHgM8 4
Rc8o6Mynfp 4
RhseN2kd07 4

New Mixes


Breeding Permutations

The following is a list of known pairings and possible outcomes of new and mixed colors, normal alts are always possible and are not shown below. Additional outcomes may be possible but just not discovered or reported.

Parent 1 Parent 2 Offspring
Chameleon4 alt2
Chameleon4 alt3
RhseN2kd07 1
Chameleon4 alt3
Chameleon4 alt1
Chameleon4 alt4
Chameleon4 alt3
Rc8o6Mynfp 1
Chameleon4 alt1
Chameleon4 alt4
EI2BsqHgM8 1
Chameleon4 alt5
Rc8o6Mynfp 4
Gb5AeQyX5d 1


  1. As of 11/13/2018.

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